Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent is the person who, in representing the seller or the buyer in a real estate transaction, is the face that is closest to the client. According to the part they represent, they will defend the interests of either the buyer or the seller. Because they have a strong interest in the business being carried out in a professional manner, the agent must have a strong ethical code in addition to a vast knowledge of the market. It is very important for real estate agents to have extensive knowledge in their field. To be sure their practices remain ethical, they must be sure every deal is done properly.

Real Estate Agent

At NYRAC, we believe in the training of quality real estate agents as a tool to improve our market.

We are committed to making NYC a better place to live and work. We firmly believe that the academic and ethical training of agents is a very important step towards that goal.

Therefore, at NYRAC we will offer educational opportunities to all agents who want to improve their knowledge and better their business. Its members will have the opportunity to share strategies, ideas, and information, with the aim of creating an improved professional experience among agents and on behalf of sellers, buyers, lawyers, mortgage brokers in a way that is inclusive of all professions involved in a real estate transaction.

NYRAC is the collective voice of professionals in the industry who want to be part of an organization which provides them a platform to improve the position of real estate agents and the satisfaction of customers entering the NYC market.