Real Estate Ethics

The continuous boom of real estate in New York has attracted all kinds of companies and agents. Some customers lack the information needed to represent themselves and some agents have taken advantage of that. We believe bad practices, like these, impact our businesses. These unethical practices have negatively affected the image of real estate agents. NYRAC wants to raise real estate ethical standards within our profession and within the real estate brokerage community in New York City.

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Real Estate Ethics

Real Estate professionals have a duty to their clients: to defend their best interests above all else, properly following the code of ethics in the real estate market.

Our organization provides educational opportunities to the leading real estate agents in New York City to clearly define best practices regarding the realtor code of ethics. We speak to professionals with the highest qualifications, who understand and appreciate the importance of the real estate ethics and professional conduct of business.

NYRAC members are committed to making New York City a better place to live. This group wants to focus on raising the status of the residential real estate brokerage profession by encouraging innovation, transparency, ethics, best practices and education of professionals. Making use of our influence as a set of qualified voices, we aim to encourage a positive change within the real estate industry and to emphasize the importance of a solid code of ethics in the Real Estate market.

At NYRAC we want to convey the importance of real estate ethics to all our agents.

In our annual contributions, we take into account the needs of local charities. We invest a significant amount of our own time in promoting this commitment. It is our way of supporting the community where we live and work. NYRAC supports the following charitable organizations in New York City: Bottomless Closet, Candlelighters NYC, Coalition for the Homeless, Computers with Causes, God’s Love We Deliver and Housing Works.