Top Real Estate Brokers

While an agent works for a licensed broker, a broker may work independently. Top real estate brokers in NYC occasionally own a firm or franchise and are responsible for setting up honest transactions and for approving final contracts. States require brokers to take significantly more classes than agents. NYRAC offers membership to top real estate brokers in New York.

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Top Real Estate Brokers

Our new members must be endorsed by three active members and have at least five years of experience in residential real estate sales in New York City. They must hold a valid real estate license in the State of New York, be a residential member of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), comply with REBNY’s RLS Universal Co-brokerage Agreement and adhere to REBNY’s Code of Ethics. Only with a high level of demand, we can guarantee the gold standard of the industry’s elite professionals.

Brokers and brokerages have been grappling with changes to the business model.

Top-producing brokers will be eligible to join and become among the most trustworthy top real estate brokers in NYC.

We started with 21 members, and now we are growing quickly.

Our organization, which is comprised of top real estate brokers and recognized real estate agents in New York who conduct business in the main markets of the city of New York, offers its members the opportunity to share strategies and information. Keeping in mind the goal of creating an enhanced professional experience among real estate agents in New York, and on behalf of sellers, buyers, lawyers, banks, insurance professionals, management agents and transfer agents, and other professionals with whom members do business.

When a client engages our services, they know that they are hiring the best of the best. All this ensures us to fulfill our mission: to always put the consumer first.