Founded in 1993, CitiQuiet has been the leader in soundproof windows across the country. Manufacturing their patented soundproof windows which can eliminate up to 95% of noise and 99% of dirt and draft in Long Island City, NY, CitiQuiet has installed hundreds of thousands of windows in New York City, and thousands more across the country.

CitiQuiet was built on the basis of innovation with a white glove standard of quality and service to provide a better quality of life for their clients. With lead times as quick as 1 week, residents from SOHO to the Upper East Side, employees of Google and the Justices on the United States Supreme Court have gotten the peace and quiet they require.

CitiQuiet has expanded its reach over the years with its replacement window department and recently forming a bullet and blast resistant division. During the COVID-19 pandemic, CitiQuiet added the manufacturing and installation of plexiglass sneeze guard barriers to their repertoire. With CitiQuiet’s diversity and almost three decades of experience in the window industry, there is not a project that CitiQuiet cannot master.

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