Mission Statement

The New York Residential Agent Continuum (NYRAC), created by and for residential real estate agents, is a New York City based organization focused on elevating the status of the residential real estate brokerage profession by encouraging innovation, transparency, ethics, advocacy, influence, best practices, education, collegiality and professional networking, within the New York City residential real estate brokerage industry.

Our mission is to clearly define, maintain and encourage best practices, standardization of processes and terminology with an emphasis on the best interests of the consumer. We advocate for our members on a wide range of issues and topics related to the betterment of the profession, and intend to use our influence to encourage positive change within our industry and to emphasize the importance of ethical practices.

Our organization, comprised of accomplished and esteemed real estate sales professionals who transact business in the primary markets of New York City, offers its members an opportunity to share strategy and information, with the goal of creating an enhanced professional experience among agents and on behalf of sellers, purchasers, attorneys, mortgage brokers, title insurers, appraisers, wealth managers, banks and other lending institutions, insurance professionals, managing agents and transfer agents, and other professionals with whom members conduct business.